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Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

Attention all PARENT Volunteers!

We appreciate your interest in helping Layha be the best and safest hockey association around.  There are many off-ice volunteer opportunities such as Locker Room Monitor, Scorekeeper, Timekeeper/Clock, Equipment Swap Helpers, Jersey Parent, Team Coordinator, and much more.  If you are interested in Coaching or would like to help On-Ice, please refer to the Coaching Registration. 

Layha has the backing of terrific resources to help our kids build positive experiences through hockey.  One resource provided by USA Hockey provides a way to help our volunteers  register as an Off-Ice Volunteer for free.  In addition, they provide the mandatory Safe Sport Training, adopted by the US Olympics and all USA Hockey sanctioned sports.  Layha pays for the required Background Check. 

Volunteers must register for a USA Hockey number every year, and Safe Sport and Background Checks are every two years.

Per USA Hockey Regulations, any person who wishes to volunteer OR be in the player locker rooms, must obtain a USA Hockey Number, submit and pass a Background Check AND pass the Parent/Volunteer Safe Sport Training.  

IMPORTANT:  The USA Hockey Volunteer Number, Background Check, and Safe Sport Training are all FREE and are MANDATORY by USA Hockey and Layha.

The links are provided:  

  1. USA Hockey Volunteer Number 
  2. VSAHA Background Check
  3. USA Hockey Safe Sport Training for Parents/Volunteers
  4. Once you have completed these steps, please email me your USA Hockey Number and Safe Sport Training Certificate .

After you have completed all three steps, the Vermont State Amateur Hockey Association (VSAHA) publishes your name to the Cleared Volunteers list on their website.

Thank you for your interest!

Stacy Andre


1.  Register with USA Hockey-Volunteer

USA Hockey Logo

Click Here for USA Hockey Volunteer / Parent Registration

2.  Complete the Background Check at VSAHA

Background Check

Click Here for Background Check

3.  Complete SafeSport Program for Parents

Click Here for Safesport Training

Click Here for SafeSport Program

4.  Email USA Hockey Number Registration and Safe Sport Certificate to Stacy Andre