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Season Start

By LAYHA Board, 10/17/21, 1:00PM EDT


About 1 more week

We know everyone is eager to get on the ice and get going. As are we. Based on progress at the arena with building the ice we are about a week away. The slab is cold, the first layers of ice are down and white paint and the lines are next. We will keep you posted mid-week about the possibility of LAYHA open skates next weekend. In the meantime, we will make some adjustments to the Sports Engine schedules in the next day or two to align practice times with what slots the arena had available (days will remain the same as what you see now but times are shifting a bit on Thursdays) and we will begin loading the game schedule in as it stands right now.

Keep your fingers crossed for cloudy cool weather and a little bit of luck and we will be skating in no time.

Thanks for your patience.